Our Process

Let me walk you through the basics of developing a new website (or, redoing your existing one).

Discovery (a.k.a. figure out what it is that needs to be done)

Most new clients aren’t completely sure what they want for their new site.  Even those who think they have it all figured out, find that during this first phase of the process, things can change drastically.  The discovery period is a chance for you to take some time exploring other sites to determine what you like and don’t like when it comes to design and content.  We’ll ask you to send us a few links, throw around some ideas, and we’ll probably do the same, so that by the time we get to the next step, we’re on the same page, and have some amazing ideas for your site.

Spec (a.k.a. put into writing everything that we’re going to do)

After figuring out what we are going to do for you, we’ll need to put it into writing.  We’ll ask you to make a list of all the pages and features you’d like in your new site, and then together we’ll move things around, creating a site map that makes the most sense.  We’ll also note any special features, other than basic text and images, so that we don’t run into any surprises (or added costs) down the road.  The spec will be used to determine the price of the project, so it’s important that we get it right.

Design (pretty self explanatory)

Lots of back and forth during this phase… We’ll create a mockup or two based on your input, and we’ll continue to tweak it until you’re completely satisfied.  There are times where we hit the nail on the head the first time.  With other projects, this phase could require dozens of revisions.  Just know – regardless of how many designs and changes, you will never pay an extra cent.

Implementation (a.k.a. build the site)

After we complete the design, we’ll turn it into a functioning website (that’s why we’re all here, after all).  We’ll need you to provide the content, so plan ahead!  This is the phase that generally takes the most time, because most clients don’t realize how time-consuming it can be to write pages and pages of content.  If we’re redoing your existing site, that makes it easier, but you’ll still want to review all of the content (text and pictures) to be sure it’s up to date.  At this point, we’ll also install any special features, plug-ins or Tools 4 Shuls modules we’ve talk about.

Quality Assurance (a.k.a. finding and fixing any mistakes)

We’ll do our own proofreading and error-checking before we ask you to take a look, but you’ll need to put some time in also to be sure we didn’t miss any broken links, misplaced images or formatting issues.


After you’ve gone through with a fine-tooth-comb, we’ll launch the site!  Exciting, right?!?  Our work isn’t done yet, though… As you open your site to the public, people will find more flaws.  We will stand behind our work and continue to fix the mistakes you find (whether they were your mistakes or ours) for at least the next month.  After that grace period, if you find any new bugs or mistakes that were our fault, we’ll continue to take care of them, free of charge.