Why Choose Us?

We’ll answer the phone

Inspired Multimedia is a small company.  We are a few designers and programmers working out of our home offices.  Why are we telling you this? Why aren’t we trying to put a big front and make you think we’ve got 10,000 square feet of office space overlooking Century City?  Because everyone knows that if you want the best experience, you choose the ones who will answer the phone, reply to emails quickly, and give you the person attention that every client deserves, even on weekends and holidays.

Everyone also knows that when you aren’t paying for office space, and the solar panels on the roof of your home are the same ones powering your computer, you can charge a little less for the same product as the “big guys”.  So, you pay less for better service and a better product!

We Don’t Use Templates

Templates, templates, templates… It seems like everyone out there is gloating about their special templates that allow them to give you a new site for less money, as if saying “we’ll do less work for you, but still charge the same price” is going to impress you.  But look at their prices and packages — it turns out they’re charging more for a cookie-cutter, templated site, than we’re charging for a completely custom one!

Don’t get us wrong — templates are very useful as a starting point.  If anyone says they’re building you a site within a content management system (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) without using a template at all, they’re lying.  But we don’t want you to be browsing our portfolio and find out that half of our clients have the exact same website as you.  If you’re going to pay $3,000 for a new site, you deserve to have it be your own.  So, no templates!

We Don’t Charge for the Things We Shouldn’t

We hate when companies take something free, put their branding on top, and then try to make you think they developed it just for you.  The truth is, we’re probably going to build your new site in WordPress.  It’s an open-source content management system that has become the industry standard for new websites.  What this means is that we’re taking something that’s free (and amazing), setting it up to meet your needs, and handing you the keys.  We’ll charge you once, based on the amount of time we estimate it taking to design and build your site.  We won’t charge you a monthly or annual fee to use WordPress, or to install new plugins and upgrade to the latest software on your own, because these are things that don’t cost us anything.  It also means that if you’re unhappy with your experience, you can hire any webmaster to take over your site, without having to rebuild it somewhere else, because every webmaster in the world has worked in WordPress.

Tools 4 Shuls is a different matter… We spent tens of thousands of our own dollars developing modules to specifically meet the needs of synagogues and Jewish non-profits.  We didn’t start with a single line of open source code, and to date, every bug fix and new feature is hand-coded at our own expense.  We charge monthly or annual fees for these modules (keeping those fees as low as possible) in order to be able to give you free phone and email tech support, free training, and to continue to fix errors and add new features to the system.

Among the things we don’t charge for…

  • Phone Calls (no matter how long, how often, or how off-topic they end up)
  • Emails (no matter how long or often, including tech support and training)
  • Small tweaks (if they’re few and far between, and it only takes us a minute, why should you pay for an hour?)
  • Bug fixes (If it’s our fault, you shouldn’t need to pay for it)

We Treat our Clients Right

Our motto is “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Okay, it’s not really our motto.  But we learned long ago that we’re going to have a much more successful business if you are so satisfied with our product that you refer us to others.  We will never roll our eyes at your request, and we will never tell you that you are being too demanding (even if we might be thinking it).   By the time we’re done with your site, you’ll think our motto is, “It would be my pleasure,” but you’d be wrong there too.