Tools 4 Shuls

To put it simply, Tools 4 Shuls is a complete line of low-cost, cloud-based web applications developed specifically for synagogues and Jewish non-profits.

I know what you’re thinking… “Why should I pay a monthly fee for the Tools 4 Shuls modules when I can install a plugin on my site for free?”

There are a few reasons:

  • Tools 4 Shuls modules come with more features specifically created for synagogues and Jewish non-profits
  • Tools 4 Shuls modules are generally easier to use, and purposely exclude the extra features you’ll never use
  • Tools 4 Shuls modules will save you time, since you can share information and promote yourself easier
  • The Tools 4 Shuls eNewsletter system does something no other listserv does — it creates your newsletters for you!

Let me ask you a few questions about your current website calendar:

  • Do you have a calendar, or just a page that you manually list events on?
  • Can you currently take rsvps? we can.
  • Can you currently take online payments for events? we can.
  • Does your current calendar come pre-loaded with local candle lighting times, Hebrew dates, Torah portions and holidays, or do you need to manually load them on an annual basis? ours does.
  • Can you message your guests before an event with a simple click of a button? we’re about to release this feature.
  • Can your members subscribe to your calendar, importing it into their google calendar or outlook, and having it push updates to them every time you add or change an event? we can.
  • Does your current calendar sync with your eNewsletter system to automatically generate an email with events, descriptions and links? ours does!

Let me ask you a few questions about your current donations system:

  • Are you able to take online donations?
  • Are you sure your current system is secure? ours is.
  • Can people donate to specific funds, each with detailed descriptions? ours can.
  • Can you specify a fixed price for certain donation types (ie. membership dues)? we can.
  • Can you request tribute information on a per-donation OR per-fund basis? we can.
  • Can you automatically  inform different people at your synagogue based on which funds are donated to? we can.
  • Can you download a report of all your donations, including funds and categories, at any time? we can.

As you can tell, this page will get quite long if we continued listing the reasons Tools 4 Shuls is better than what you have.  Take a look at the various Tools 4 Shuls Module pages to learn more about each, and try out a demo.

But let me ask you one more question — Let’s say you answered “yes” to every bullet point above (which I highly doubt…), how many thousands of dollars did you pay to create that system that did all of those things for you?  And once they were completed, did your developer come back to you asking if he could add new features for free?

Tools 4 Shuls Upfront Fees: $0
Tools 4 Shuls Phone and Email Tech Support Fees: $0
Tools 4 Shuls Training Fees: $0
Tools 4 Shuls Upgrade Fees: $0
Tools 4 Shuls monthly Fees: from $18