Website Maintenance

It’s not always so easy to maintain your site.  WordPress is a very user-friendly system, but it can still get complicated to do exactly what you want to do, and if your site isn’t within a Content Management System (CMS), forget about it!  Dreamweaver is a professional tool — you shouldn’t expect your secretary to understand how to use it, and keep your site looking as snazzy as it was on the first day!

That’s where we come in!  How great would it be to simply email us your request, and within a day or two, your site is updated!  How amazingly spectacular would it be to NOT have to email your request several times and pray that it gets fulfilled?!?  And how blown away will you be the first time you get a response from us, a few hours after you requested a change, that includes “please take a look at the changes we’ve made and let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you”?  I doubt you’ve heard that one from the board member’s nephew who is voluntarily acting as webmaster, or the administrative assistant who’s job is to manage the website AND keep the organization from falling apart.

Do yourself a favor.  Spend the few dollars a month and have it done right.

Ask about a Maintenance plan!

Do you always have the same monthly updates to make?  Always have around an hour of webmaster duties you need  done?  Sign up for a maintenance plan, and save some money!

We offer a discounted rate for prepaid maintenance packages.  With maintenance plans, you pay the same amount each month, and in exchange for that guaranteed payment, we offer you a $25/hr discount.  That means that if you expect to need around an hour of web work done each month, you can pay a fixed rate of $75/$50 (business/non-profit) per month and use that time however you need.  If you need a little extra, we will gladly extend that discounted hourly rate to any further work during the month.