Non-Profit Website Design

Non-Profit website design is why we went into the business…

Our first clients, more than a decade ago, were our synagogue and Hillel (UC Santa Barbara).  Since then, our focus has been on non-profit (primarily synagogue, but also other Jewish and secular organizations) web design.

What makes us the best choice for your non-profit project?

  • We know your target audiences
    The contents and design of a non-profit site are NOT the same as a business website.  The templates designed for small businesses are not made for synagogues and non-profits.  It’s that simple.  Having designed dozens on non-profit websites, we know how to appeal to your members, prospective members and donors — your three primary target audiences.  We can advise you on best practices for everything from the design of your site to your e-newsletters and Facebook profile.
  • We know what it’s like to be in your shoes
    Ben Vorspan, our founder, is a Rabbi’s son.  He not only grew up at the heart of the synagogue, but continues to be integrally involved in synagogue and non-profit life, most recently starting up a young professionals group at his synagogue and acting as the group’s director for more than 3 years.  We get what it’s like to be a representative from a non-profit, and we know what it’s like to be a member and donor.
  • We keep things as budget friendly as possible, because we know that you don’t have a very big budget!
    Since the beginning, we’ve been undervaluing our work.  We really need to stop doing it, but it’s just so tough to sleep at night after trying to charge $5,000 for a website that only takes the equivalent of $2,500 of our time.  For now, take advantage of our not-so-keen pricing model and get your site for way under the going rate!
  • We are patient
    If you think your site will be totally finished in 2 weeks, you’re dreaming.  Odds are, you’re part of a committee, and that committee answers to a larger committee or board.  That means, multiple people are involved in tweaking and approving the design and writing copy.   People get busy with “real” work.  They have family issues. They go away on vacation.  Accept the fact that this site will take longer than expected for reasons you and I can’t control… We already have.  And that’s why we’re willing to wait until you’re ready.  We won’t charge you extra for taking your time, and we won’t abandon your project.